PMP Exam Pass Fail Survey 2014

PMP Exam Pass Fail Survey 2014

It’s been observed and reported by many PMP aspirants and experts, that the ratio of passing PMP Exam has dropped tremendously, and especially in 2014 with PMBOK5 based exam. Keeping in view the growing concern, I have decided to conduct a survey and collect data from both who pass or fail the exam. Update: The […]

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PMI Certificate Holders 2014

PMI Certificate Holders Worldwide 2014

Project Management Institute aka PMI, has been offering various Project Management related certifications since decades. As the profession grows, demand for these certifications increases both by individuals who want to upgrade their resume and organizations, which tends to favor project management certificate holders. Since, we are part of this profession and hence people like me […]

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Books for PMP Certification

5 Recommended Books for PMP Certification

So you decided to get PMP Certification credentials, and now in search to find the best books for PMP Certification Exam preparation. Although, there are a plethora of books available to help you prepare for PMP Exam, but I choose some of the best books for pmp exam preparation that have helped many aspirants pass […]

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PMBOK5 Page 61

How To Prepare For PMP Exam

Whenever we start a project or certification or anything new, the first question we ask ourself: Where should I start from ? or how to prepare or equip myself for the upcoming task or challenge or whatever we want to accomplish ?. If you have just started your preparation journey , then this post will […]

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Ready for PMP Exam

When to know i am ready for PMP Exam

This is really the toughest and daunting question for everyone and anyone to answer, whether some one is an aspirant or a professional. If you ask yourself, you will never get an answer but if you ask a professional, he/she may have some recommendations and may be some sort of checklist. Like the one, we […]

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5 tips for Prince 2

5 Tips for Passing The PRINCE2 Exam

PRINCE2 is the professional project management certificate offered by the UK’s Cabinet Office. As a result, it has become the de facto standard for UK public sector projects, and is also used in many countries around the world. So, if you do choose to go for this certification scheme, how can you approach the exam […]

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PMP Certification Cost

How much does PMP Certification Cost ??

I have written a couple of guides, PMP Certification Requirements and PMP Certification Beginner’s Guide, and I have pretty much explained the whole process of starting PMP journey and including PMP exam cost. But still, I receive a few emails now and then, asking about PMP Certification Cost. So for those aspirants who specifically want […]

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