The question on how to be more productive always bugs me and I’m sure it must have strike you once in a while.

24 hour a day is what every individual got and we all strive to make the best use of every minute.
But you must have noticed some people are extremely efficient in utilizing this time while others hardly manage to get some time for rest.

People have been charging thousands of dollars to teach individuals on how to manage time and be more productive.


But is there really a secret to it? and some one can taught you on how to unleash that secret?.

I have no idea as every individual work style, environment, culture is different.


eight productivity tips


Below  eight productivity points will help most of you getting more done in less time and be more productive.

  • The old saying: Early to Bed, Early to Rise
  • Offer your prayer’s or do an exercise
  • Take deep breaths
  • Make a Weekly, Monthly, quarterly plan
  • Plan your day
  • Schedule Breaks
  • Distractions
  • Meetings and Emails


1: The old saying: Early to Bed, Early to Rise:

Try this for at least a week and see the results. I am sure, you will stick to it for the rest of your life. When you start your day from very early morning, you will find ample of time doing things you have never imagined you’ll be able to accomplish.

2: Offer your prayer’s or do an exercise:

An early morning exercise for 5 to 15 minutes is enough in many circumstances.

3: Take deep breaths:

Early morning give 2 to 5 minutes for taking deep breaths either in your lawn or outside of your home.

4: Make a Weekly, Monthly, quarterly plan:

You can start your week plan on weekends. Weekends are excellent days where you can relax, chill and plan the whole week ahead.

5: Plan your day:
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

A: To Do List.

Many professionals don’t like to do list but I say when you sit at your desk and power on the PC, write a few items in the to do list that are important today and needs to be done. 2 to 5 items are more than enough on your to do list and not more than that.

B: Prioritize and highlight the work in the to-do list.

Set a priority for each task in your to do list e.g: Important, less important etc.

6: Schedule Breaks:

Some people takes a 5 minute break every half and hour while others prefer 10 to 15 minutes breaks every hour. Suit yourself.

7: Distractions:

Find out what are the things that distract you while you work and eliminate it. e.g: Turn off internet, TV or any other distracting factors like telephone etc.

8: Meetings and Emails:

Many people think of meetings as time wasting get together, so avoid non-important meetings and regarding checking emails early morning, better to skip it while your initial to do list items are completed.


What are you tips on utilizing the 24 hour efficiently, do more and be more productive ?

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