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Project Manager
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Thank You very much for visiting.

 You must be curious to know as who is the man behind and may have landed here.

 Ok, So you already know my name and what I have done as a brief bio is displayed at the footer of the blog.

 I am Amir Abbas Kaka Khel.

 I did my masters in computer sciences way back in 2004 and then did an internship for a couple of months in the sole and biggest telecommunication land line operator in Pakistan.

 After internship, I got an interenship cum job in a local IT vendor company which was giving support to the sole and biggest GSM operator at that time and so I worked there for a couple of months.

 I, then join a multinational telecommunication company SIEMENS and then NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS and worked with them till 2009, until I decided to work for myself.

 So I quit my job, WHY !!!

 You must be wondering and alot of people ask me this question.
(I rather not to answer), Please continue.

In August 2009, I completed my PMP 35 PDU training from a local instructor and then got PMP certified in 2010.

 After certification, I started to help, coach and mentor others in passing the pmp exam.


  • Occasionally write for PMBody.
  • Run a Co-working space (Cluster) for Freelancer and Creative’s.
  • Run a Training Institute (Everyone) that provides Digital Skills and Freelancing.
  • Run a Digital Agency (SectionSoft).

That’s all folks!