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Striving to help individual’s be a better version of them selves, with the mission “Project Management for Everyone”.

Helping Project Manager’s Since 2011

PMBODY’s mission is “Project Management for Everyone”.

We want to help individuals, be better with life and project.

Whether you are a kid at school or managing a multi million dollar project, you need help with something.

Of course, we don’t have the capacity and I bet no individual
or organization can help you with everything.

But, at least we can try to give you the opportunity to be a better version of yourself.

Let’s build a vibrant community, as we strongly believe in giving back to the community, as that is the place we all live together. Aren’t we?

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Why I started PMBody?

Let’s go back to 2009.
It was 2009, when I (Amir) quit my job from Nokia Siemens Networks and wish to explore the world around me 😉

I took a 35 PDU’s training of 4 days, from a local instructor in a beautiful hotel in Islamabad.
After a few days of the training, I came to know, I just completed a requirement of sitting into the PMP Exam, and
what I learned in that training was just tip of the ice berg.

So, I put on the Project Manager’s hat and went out to seek solution for two things at least, as far I remembered:

1: What are all the requirements to complete the PMP Application Process?.
2: How to find and read the uptodate, relevant and meaningful information on passing the PMP Exam?.

Believe me I had to consult Four Project Manager’s to get all the info related to the application process alone.

Not to forget, one of my co-trainee, She was a manager in Telenor, helped me fill the pmp application.


I thought the application process was the only tough thing.

Once the application process was over, I purchased a dozen of project management books (Majority of them had nothing to do with pmp exam)
and turn on to internet, to find explanation to topics that were not clear in PMBOK or any project management book.

At that time, I stumble on many project management related and other blogs that had beautifully explained the topic in great detail.

So PMBODY was actually born in 2009-10 but was started in 2011.

The reasons mentioned above but if I had to summarize it into two sentences:

 1: Information available was scattered all over the internet.
2: Giving back to the community.

On the right side are some of the topics that we write about and believe help everyone grows.

If there’s any topic that you see fit for Project Managers in helping them better manage their self and project, please let us know.

The bar indicates the severity of topic discussed on PMBody’s blog.

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