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This category contains all the blog posts related to Project Management.

Since, we consider PMBOK as the defacto standard for project management.

It could be assumed, all the topics that are mentioned in the book are further explained and elaborated though blog posts and will be part of this category page.

Having said that, majority of the topics will come from PMBOK, but is not limited to the guide only.

As we further explore and looked into other areas that are not part of the guide but, are very important for project managers, and anyone doing project management related activities.
Whether they are title a PM or lead or any other name.

Also, the profession of project management is not limited to the teachings of pmbok or any other book, it’s a vast field and with various dimensions.

We cannot cover every topic in detail but will try to touch as many topics as possible to help noob and experience project managers alike.

The question on how to be more productive always bugs me and I'm sure it must have strike you once in a while. 24 hour a day is what every individual got and we all strive to make the best use of every minute. But you must have noticed some people are extremely efficient in utilizing this time while others hardly...
project manager watching movie
The movie industry and other industries seems worlds apart, but they are using the same technique's in order to deliver successful projects in shape of a movie and achieve greatness. If you are a Project Manager and not watching movies, you are missing something very important and if you are a movies fan and not yet a great Project Manager,...
Five steps to lead a project
Whether you are a seasoned Project Manager or some one who have recently been promoted to Project Manager role. This article will be helpful in either way, as information something new or a fresh reminder of what you already have been doing. Teams always look up at their Project Manager to lead them, guide them, provide the necessary tools, templates, guidelines, scope...
So you are a Project Manager in an ABC company. Have you ever asked your self some basic questions, like: How is your management behavior, Approach or Style in managing your projects and subordinates. Have you really ever assess your skills as a Project Manager and rate it out?. Literally rating yourself from 1 to 10. Then asking from your employees whether they would...
14 august pakistan independence lessons learned from great leader
“Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.“ Stanley Wolpert On December 25, 1876, Mithibai gave birth to a son, the first of seven children. The fragile infant who appeared so weak that it ‘weighed a few pounds less than normal. But Mithibai...
Lessons Learned
Lesson Learned may look like another dictionary word but in fact it's the opposite. Lessons learned are the most important term one should know in life and in project management. I remember doing a project as a lead in 2008, when our project was just about to be finish, and I receive an email from my project manager Mr. Atiq Ahmed. The...
Organizational Process Assets
Organizational process assets are an input/output to PMBOK processes but it’s an important tool for project management. Before we define it; Let’s dig deep for a better understanding. The term organizational process assets (OPA) consists of three words: Organization Process Assets Organization: What is an Organization? Organization is a group of people with vested interests. It’s the way things, elements, and humans are organized...
difference between standard and methodology
The intent of almost every good organization is to follow best practices, processes, and procedures that helps: In achieving success on the project. Gain customer satisfaction. Improves quality. While keeping the project with in the allocated constraints like Cost and Schedule, etc. So every organization tend to choose any standards or processes based on the needs of their organization. In general these...
project management certifications
The profession of Project Management has been growing rapidly, while continuously evolving with the changes and challenges faced by organizations, as they tend to be more Project focus than ever. In order to meet these challenges, the Project Management bodies need to be well aware and equip with the latest trends, techniques, tools, and certifications. Since we know, behind every successful...
skills of a project manager
There has always been a debate on: What are the most important interpersonal skills of a Project Manager? I have observed PMP aspirants are most curious to know. May be because this is a potential question and most of the questionnaire bank have included it in their package as well. The project manager is the orchestra conductor. He is the soul of the project...

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