Basic Project Management

This category contains all the blog posts related to Project Management.

Since, we consider PMBOK as the defacto standard for project management.

It could be assumed, all the topics that are mentioned in the book are further explained and elaborated though blog posts and will be part of this category page.

Having said that, majority of the topics will come from PMBOK, but is not limited to the guide only.

As we further explore and looked into other areas that are not part of the guide but, are very important for project managers, and anyone doing project management related activities.
Whether they are title a PM or lead or any other name.

Also, the profession of project management is not limited to the teachings of pmbok or any other book, it’s a vast field and with various dimensions.

We cannot cover every topic in detail but will try to touch as many topics as possible to help noob and experience project managers alike.

pmp bootcamp
Does attending PMP Boot Camp guarantee exam success? There are many Individuals and Exam Center’s offering 99 or 100% PMP Exam success guarantee. The claim is based on their PMP boot camps online or offline, Which normally are of four or five days. And, almost every aspirant has to attend it before appearing on to the exam. Now, before I dive in and...