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Welcome to PMBody’s Comment Policy!

Most of you must already be aware of my motive behind
But for those that have no idea, briefly the aim is to promote the project management knowledge and create awareness and that cannot be achieved without the involvement and participation of other individuals. Therefore each post has a comment box, where individual can share there experience and knowledge and there comments are highly regarded and welcomed.

So if any individual create a safe environment and contribute towards a healthy discussion will go through pass the comment and any one violating shall be redeemed from posting on this blog.

Responsibility: I as the owner of this blog and any editor, contributor or responsible for this blog comments shall be viewed as there personal opinion and the user may or may not agree with it.

Ownership: When any individual comment on this blog, they automatically give rights to the owner, editor, contributor or responsible for this blog to re-post there comment in a blog post or in any means.

Email: Uptil now the policy is to provide a valid email to post a comment but the email will not be shared and an alias or name can be used.

Links: More than two links in comments are automatically hold by the system and considered spam and deleted. Other than that, the links will be reviewed whether they are eligible on our criteria to be made public or not.

Moderation: In general everything will be moderated and publish only if does not contain at least the following: defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, adult material, copyrighted material, spamming, flooding, advertisement etc.

Hope we play fair.