Five steps to lead a project

Whether you are a seasoned Project Manager or some one who have recently been promoted to Project Manager role.

This article will be helpful in either way, as information something new or a fresh reminder of what you already have been doing.

Teams always look up at their Project Manager to lead them, guide them, provide the necessary tools, templates, guidelines, scope and all necessary parameters of the project.

let’s analyze these five steps that would surely help lead to a successful team.


1: Purpose, Goal, Outcome:

Project Manager has to gather the team and clarify the purpose of the project, and answer some basic questions like;

purpose goal and outcome of the project

  • Why is the project being performed.
  • What are the goals that need to be achieved and how to achieve them.
  • What is the end result or outcome or the project. Whether its a service or product to be delivered and how will the end result look like.

It makes sense.

If teams knows the purpose of the project and goals that are set for them and how to achieve those goals, they will better perform and tries to achieve the goals set for them.

These are some of the questions that a Project Manager need to clarify upfront in order to make a successful project team.


2: Scope, Responsibility, limits:

Again, the Project Manager has to clarify the scope of the project to the team.

scope responsibility and limits for team

Not only the things that are included in the project but things that are not included in the project.

In this way, they’ll have a better idea and understanding of goals that they needs to be focus on and skip those things that are not in their domain.

They will have a clear understanding of their limitations and boundaries and their focus will be on their specific tasks only.





3: Be Project Manager not Boss:

We know, what a Project Manager is, and how great Project Manager’s drive their teams, right.

Be project manager and not boss

I won’t go into details about the characteristics of a great project manager, but will mention some:

  • Project Manager is a leader and is there to help lead the team and make decisions based on teams feedback.
  • Shows the team that he is the biggest supporter of the team and the project, and is always there to help remove any obstacles that teams and project faces.
  • Facilitate the team by providing all necessary documentation, templates, any additional resources that could help achieve their targets effectively and efficiently.
  • Help team advance their knowledge and understanding by giving them equal opportunities and related training’s to not only achieve success in project but for their future endeavors.



4: Get Team involved:

You, as a Project Manager should not show that you have the last words.

involve team

Get input from your team;
Discuss with them,
Let them share their ideas, thoughts, suggestions,
Be open to them
above all talk less and listen more.

This will create a sense in team that they have been listened.





5: Trust and Believe in your Team:

As a Project Manager, create an environment in your project.

Trust and believe in team

Where your team has a firm believe, that you are some one, who believe in team concept, both, from your words and actions.

Then you have already set the foundation of a successful team.







Project Manager should create a friendly environment on a project, where;

  • Team are listened mor
  • They have set targets and goals
  • They have a clear path and they know their limitations
  • They know project manager is always there to help them learn, achieve, and grow.

If you, as a Project Manager, able to implement those points discussed above, then, you and your team are on your way to success.

Would love to see some feedback over the topic.



  1. When is your book on helping others achieve their pmp certification coming out?

    Did you use any project management training course to pass your pmp exam?

    Do you think it is beneficial too?



    • Thanks Ryan.
      It will hopefully be out with PMBOK5.
      No, I didn’t use any project Management training online course. I train from a local instructor.

      I have no idea as I heard about it for the first time.

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