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Test Drive PMP Exam at Prometric Center

Although, I have written a small blog post on what needs to be done before you go to the prometric test taking center for your PMP or any other PMI exam, The Checklist before Exam Day but today’s announcement from Pometric was quite appealing to me. Incase you don’t know about Prometric (It’s the organization […]

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The Anatomy of a CEO an infographic

Have you ever wonder, why some people are made CEO or How they become CEO. There has been alot of studies and people have dedicated their lives to know and study, what leads some one to become CEO. There are many burning questions related to CEO’s: e.g: CEO’s are all males or what’s the ratio […]

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Standard Vs Methodology

Difference Between Standard and Methodology

The intent of almost every good organization is to follow processes and procedures that helps: In achieving success on the project, gain customer satisfaction, improves quality, while keeping the project with in the allocated constraints like Cost and Schedule etc. So every organization tend to choose any standard or process based on the needs of […]

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project management certifications

Project Management Certifications

The profession of Project Management  has been growing rapidly, while continuously evolving with the changes and challenges faced by organizations, as they tend to be more Projectize than ever. In order to meet these challenges, the project management bodies needs to be well aware and equip with the latest trends, techniques, tools and certifications. In […]

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pmp bootcamp and exam success

PMP Boot Camp and Exam Success

There are many Individuals and Exam Center’s offering 99 or 100% PMP Exam success guarantee. The claim is based on their PMP boot camps, Which normally are of four or five days. Now, before I dive in and review, there are certain questions that pop up in my mind and I am sure it will […]

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