PMP certification check online Although Project Management Institute (PMI) has been very tough on people who claim false PMP or any other PMI related certification.

But still if some one apply for a job and claiming to be PMP Certified or having any other PMI related certification and you are curious to know whether he/she really is PMI certified or not ?

You don’t need to worry as an employer but if you are some one who is claiming false certification holder may be you do .

PMI keeps a record of every certification holder and make it available for public as well. Anyone, without logging in to PMI site can easily access the database and extract some one certification profile by entering any of the criteria using:

Last Name:
First Name:

PMI Online Registry is the direct link where you can use any criteria mentioned above and extract some one credentials.
Note: (PMI makes lots of changes to their site and the link may be changed. While writing this piece of article, the link is valid. Please, report for any changes).

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