Fifteen Minutes Of PMI PMP and Other Exams

Almost on all pmi certifications, the user is given fifteen minutes prior of starting the real count down. Those fifteen minutes are very crucial and important for your success in the certification, whether the certification is for CaPM or PMP or any other. I strongly suggest and recommend that those fifteen minutes prior of the exam should be very well utilized.

You do not need to exhaust your self at this very early stage of the exam, try to relax and note down only important things that you think might appear on the exam and you may not remember them and instead of recalling, it’s better to write it down in advance. Another tip or strategy could better be to write all those things before the exam on a piece of paper, so that you know what you are going to write in the exam. (:) That piece of paper is not allowed, so you should have it in your mind and then write it down on the piece of paper received at the exam center. Of course you will receive a pencil and a paper before the exam starts).

What is this fifteen minutes tutorial all about.

This is a computer based tutorial, and will generally tells you on how to use computer accessories, e.g: Mouse, keyboard etc and also how to navigate the exam questions. If you are already familiar with it, then you do not need to concentrate over it, rather use it as a bonus.

Does these fifteen minutes free time and not included in the real exam.

Yes, these fifteen minutes will not be counted in the exam time.

How To Utilize fifteen minutes Of PMI Exam.

Before the exam starts, you are given pencils and writing sheets.

1: Brainstorm.

Write down all the tips, tricks and techniques that you have learned before appearing on the exam. But as mentioned above, please do not exhaust yourself.

2: Formulas.

If there are any formula’s involved, write down all the formula’s, especially for the pmp exam, there are a few formula’s and they will be part of the exam. Please check PMP Tip #1: Formula’s.

3: Diagrams, Charts & Figures.

If there are any diagram’s, charts or figure’s involved, write it down.


This thread will be updated, so you can say, it’s a work in progress. What are your recommendations on how to utilize fifteen minutes of pmi pmp and other exams.


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