A review of Kim Heldman PMP Exam Prep Study Guide Ninth Edition.

The complete title of the book:
Kim Heldman PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide 9th Edition.

We all know, PMP exam is tricky and PMBOK does not provide all the answers.

We need a study guide that helps us translate PMBOK and Project Management jargons in an easy, understandable language.

One book that does it better, is Kim Heldman’s study guide.

The guide is very well written and has explained every topic thoroughly with examples.

Kim Heldman took a bold step in outlining PMBOK content by mapping it with real-life Project Management.

Also, the author did an excellent job of explaining the topics with real-life case studies and examples to help sink in the concepts.
(This really helps newly appointed Project Managers or professionals with little Project Management experience).


Kim Heldman PMP Exam Study Guide
Kim Heldman PMP Exam Study Guide Ninth Edition


Kim Heldman PMP Exam Study Guide Review


I mention it previously in Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep Book Review.
I was handed over two books during my 35 PDU’s PMP Exam Training back in 2009.
One of the study guides was Kim Heldman PMP Exam Study Guide.

Kim Heldman, the author, totally set herself apart from other authors by shifting the paradigm of not following the PMBOK way of arranging the chapters content in knowledge areas.

Apart from taking a logical step in organizing the chapter while contradicting with PMBOK, She has done an excellent job in explaining all the knowledge areas, process groups, and ITTO’s in great detail.

She has explained all the terms, topics, and jargons of PMBOK in good detail with examples from real life projects.

The book is equally an excellent resource for students and team members who have no real project experience.
It has plenty of case studies and examples that will help you understand how real life Project Management is done.

There are many terms, topics, and definitions of Project Management, that PMBOK has slightly brush or has skip entirely.
Kim did an excellent job of explaining them in detail and making the book a good resource for business and project management.

If you aren’t a Project Manager yet, this book will provide you with all the knowledge and details required to become a better project manager.

Kim also provides an audio version with the book and you may find it useful for your study.


I love this study guide for at least two reasons:

1: There’s a case study at the end of each chapter.
It provides a real-world scenario of how projects are done.
This way of explaining the topic really helps in sinking the content of the chapter in mind.

e.g: If the chapter is about project initiation and one of the topics is project charter.
In the case study, you’ll see the author explains how a charter is created and the purpose of the project charter.
It’s quite beneficial, as you might refer to this document with some other name and it will help you connect with your current project or business.

2: The most important reason for loving this book is: It’s organized in process group and not knowledge areas.
I’m a huge advocate of learning PMBOK content via process group and that make sense as well.
In real life, projects are done in the process group, the logical way and not in knowledge areas way.

If this sounds confusing to you, let me briefly explain:

The PMBOK is organized in 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas.

The five process groups are initiation, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing.
Now, these are the phases of the project and a logical sequence or flow of how a project is done.

The ten knowledge areas are the project managers knowledge and experience that he/s implement in making the project a success by taking it from phase A – initiation; to phase B – closing.

The PMBOK chapters are outlined in a way that one knowledge area is implemented across the entire 5 process groups, instead of utilizing all the knowledge areas on one project process.

However, Kim Heldman PMP Exam Prep Book took a bold step in outlining its chapters according to a logical sequence and it makes 100% sense as well.


The latest Edition of Kim Heldman PMP Exam Prep:


Kim Heldman PMP study guide 9th edition is the latest edition of the book and is 100% aligned with the latest PMBOK 6th edition.



If you still can’t pick the right edition, let me help you. Just click on the image or the links mentioned below:

kim heldman study guide 2018PMP Exam Prep Study Guide is both available for download pdf version and also in paperback/hardcover from Amazon.
There’s a kindle version available as well.
Don’t forget to register the book with Wiley site and get the free online exam questions.

Buy from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2rjmmAq




Kim Heldman Book Faqs:

Can I use Kim Heldman PMP Exam Prep for CaPM?
The book extensively covers all the ITTO’s and terms of Project Management and is, therefore, an excellent resource for CaPM Exam Preparation.

Is Kim Heldman PMP Exam Prep Book good for Project Management?
The book has explained many terms and topics of Project Management in good detail and is, therefore, a good reference book for Project Management.



When studying this guide, I personally would recommend to go forth with PMBOK and find the gaps along with another study guide.

This book alone may not help you pass the PMP exam.

Combining it with Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep can tremendously help you in passing your PMP exam.

The reason, I’m saying this; PMI has a certain expectation from a Project Manager and it tests the test taker by seeking that specific mindset.

Now, this guide is excellent resource in explaining you the topics on PMBOK and Project Management, but it somehow lacks to tell you that mindset.

That’s why it’s better to combine this study guide with another book and get the best of both the world.


Study Guide Cons:

I think the book is a bit dry, in terms of text, there are very few images.
I’m a visual person and I would like to see more diagrams, images, and illustrations to burn the concepts in mind.



Kim Heldman, the author, took a totally different approach in explaining the PMBOK from other authors.

She tried to connect PMBOK content with real-life project management and has successfully done so.

Every chapter ends with a case study, examples, and questions & answers, that really helps aspirants cement the concepts in mind.
Each chapter has an audio review that is helpful during the commute.

There’s a full-length exam questions available online for free with the purchase of this book. Click on the link.
Also, there are plenty of questions in the book as already.


Over to You.

If you have read any previous or updated version of the book PMP exam prep study guide, I would like to know your views, thoughts, feedback, and review.

Please share them in the comments below!


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