PMP Certification Cost

How much does PMP Certification Cost ??

I have written a couple of guides, PMP Certification Requirements and PMP Certification Beginner’s Guide, and I have pretty much explained the whole process of starting PMP journey and including PMP exam cost. But still, I receive a few emails now and then, asking about PMP Certification Cost. So for those aspirants who specifically want […]

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PMBOK5 ITTO Changes in Excel Sheet

PMBOK5 ITTO Changes in Excel Sheet

It’s been a few months that we all have a copy of the new PMBOK5, released in January 2013. People who have studied reading PMBOK4 and are unable to give the exam before July 2013 and are wondering about the changes, that have been made in PMBOK5 release. This sheet might be helpful for them. […]

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PMP Exam Questions percentage distribution

PMP Exam Questions percentage distribution

We know PMP Exam has 200 questions and 4 hour are given in order to write it. Please have a look at this post to get more clarity about PMP Exam Format .. The PMP Exam questions are distributed via Process Groups and each process group has certain percentage associated with it. Here are the […]

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PMBOK5 changes in Presentation view

We have all been waiting for PMBOK 5 release. I was particularly excited to see the new changes which professionals from round the world wanted to see in the new edition. Although, I was following the news and download my copy on PMBOK 5, but was unable to write a report on the changes and […]

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How to Build a Prolific Team

Smart tips on How to Build a Prolific Team

Every Project Manager or Manager, Leader or some one in authority always wish for a prolific team to make the project a success. Regardless of their expectations, whether they want to achieve customer expectations, to deliver with in constraints, to manage wisely, to provide value, to bring excellence to what ever they do or something […]

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