Whenever I had discussion with a pmp aspirant, the first question that I am asked;

How To Pass PMP Exam On First Try ?

Let me make it clear, the pmp exam is not a rocket science.

Yes ! I agree, the pmp exam is a little bit tricky, hard, but, that does not mean it’s impossible to write.

Hopefully this blog has all the tips needed for the exam.

I will teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques that will for sure help you pass pmp exam on your first try.

In this blog post, we will try to cover some basics that you need to know to study for the exam, in order to ace it the first time.


Pass PMP Exam


Disclaimer: what works for me, might not work for you. So, I do not take any guarantee or claim these tips are a sure cut but they are the best pratices for helping and hopefully passing the exam.

1: Study Smart Not Hard

There are hundred’s of articles, books, materials, forums, groups, blogs that helps achieve pmp success.

But you do not need to read all the articles or books or join all the forums and follow all the blogs (except mine :)).

So what I would suggest:

  • Join one or maximum two forums. ( Or you can ask any question from me here: PMP Forum. Update: Forum is disconnected.)
  • Follow a couple of blogs.
  • Read pmbok along with a reputable study guide.
  • Study before attending boot camp.



Do not try to memorize the pmbok guide.

Let me repeat, do not memorize the pmbok, rather implement the pmbok in your real world, in your real projects.pmbok6 updated 2018

Try to seek and implement each pmbok process in your project, in your surroundings whether other projects tend to be happening.

The pmp exam is not about memorization of the pmbok guide.

Rather, it tests your ability of implementing the pmbok processes in your project.

Grab yourself a copy from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HT7rof


I have written an interesting article on whether PMBOK is indispensable for PMP Exam or not.
You can read it here: PMP Exam and PMBOK 

3: PMP Boot Camp Training

Almost everyone attend the boot camp for pmp exam preparation.

But, I have seen almost everyone coming blank to the boot camp and going back blank too.

Please read Tips for PMP Boot Camp article to get maximum benefit from your boot camp preparation and help your self out to pass pmp exam on your first try.


4: PMI Point of View

No matter what your background of managing projects are;

Whether you are a seasoned professional project manager, managing projects over 20+ years or new immature project manager.

The key to pass pmp exam is to think and answer all questions keeping in mind pmi point of view.

Here is an interesting article with valuable PMP Exam Tips which for sure will be very helpful.

Update May, 2018:

5: Reputable Study Guides

I am always asked about reputable study guide to read along with PMBOK.

I have already written an article PMP Certification Books but if you are lazy like me, I have shared below 5 recommended books aligned with PMBOK6 .

Rita Mulcahy 9th

PMP Exam Prep: Accelerated Learning to Pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam 9th Edition:
(Updated 2018)

Get a copy from Amazon:




head first pmp 2018

Head First PMP: A Learner’s Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam 4th Edition:

Pre-Order from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FAsk4M





kim heldman study guide 2018

PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide 9th Edition:

Get it from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2rjmmAq






pmp study guide joseph philips 2018

PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide, Fifth Edition:

Get it from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HK2tgQ








I will try to keep this thread alive and updated.

Meanwhile if you have some tips on how to pass pmp exam on first try, please do share.


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