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The PM Books category will hold all the blog posts related to PMBOK and Project Management Books.

Though slightly contradictory to the above statement but there are books that are not directly refer to the project management profession but they are very helpful for individuals and project managers alike.

We will talk about all those books that are not only helpful in achieving aspirants the certification they wish to ace but books that will help them achieve success in their daily life.

But majority of the blog posts will be about the books that helps aspirants in passing the PMI Certifications or any other certification related to project management but is not limited to the above topic.

pmbok guide 6th edition free download
Whether you an aspirant, who have just started PMP journey or a PMP certified, it is for your information that you can download a free pdf copy of PMBOK6 from PMI website. The 100% legal pdf copy of PMBOK Sixth Edition is available for all PMI Member's. Not only it is legal but you can save a few dollars with...
pmp certification books
So you decided to get PMP Certification credentials, and now in search to find the best books for PMP Certification Exam preparation. Although, there are a plethora of books available to help you prepare for PMP Exam. But, I choose some of my favorite books and a few from the feedback of the community. These books has been super helpful in helping...
pmbok project management body of knowledge
Since, I have been doing research for quite a while and am a supporter of the PMBOK Project Management Body Of Knowledge guide. I will try to highlight the key aspect of this awesome guide, which is sometimes ignored by the critics or they are not aware of it. I will try to explain; What the PMBOK guide is, and What...