PMBOKPMBOK also pronounced as (PIM-BOK),
is the official book of PMI® (Project Management Institute) and the defacto global standard for the profession of Project Management.

When ever some one opt in for any PMI certifications and especially PMP and CaPM,
They are handed over this book and usually the first impression is not very favorable.

I mean you would hardly find some one who likes the book but majority response would be;

We hate the PMBOK guide. (ha ha ha ha can’t stop laughing)

Why such a harsh response and what are their arguments and fear’s ?

Let’s dig in and unleash some of the terms that we have been hearing since long about the PMBOK guide.[hr]


[hr]I will mention a few words that I have been continuously hearing personally and you may have heard as well and they are;

The PMBOK Guide is:

  • Dull
  • Dry
  • Secure shell
  • Hard Nut
  • Boring

The best line, I personally like is:

If you are suffering from insomnia, Read the PMBOK Guide.

The above words may not be taken very well to many of my friends, colleagues, PMI and  the people associated with PMI one way or the other
may be frustrating for PMI certification aspirants but it’s a hard fact.

I may have had the same feelings, years back, when started the PMP certification process but steadily and gradually that perception was kept on changing while I keep on researching the true face of this wonderful guide.

So let’s dive in and try to understand the reasons behind these unlikely words and also try to unleash the PMBOK Guide.

If we look at human psyche, related to reading books and most of you may agree with me that when we are young, we are attracted to comic and science fiction and even a grown up will read at least the following kinds of books:

  • Easy to understand
  • Soft language
  • Colorful drawings
  • Fancy pictures
  • Detailed and easy understandable explanation

We have been influenced and immune so deep by the translation guides that we are unable to extract the essence, the translation and the real meaning from a book.

We are unable to draw or portray an image from a book to explain it our self what the book I am reading, is all about ?.

This was Part-1 of the PMBOK Guide and this was about the general perception new project managers have or people associated with the profession of Project Management.

Please read the full article on PMBOK Project Management Body Of Knowledge and in there,
I explained all the in’s and out’s of the book and also whether;

You can use PMBOK for your PMP Certification
Is it really worth to read it for PMP Exam Preparation?.

[twocol_one]pmbok 5th edition
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Whether you like it or not, a major chunk of both the exam (PMP and CaPM) is from PMBOK, and hence you have to read it.

Get it from Amazon:[/twocol_one_last][hr]

Those were some of the views and opinions I have collected over the years.

What are your views and what have you heard about PMBOK ?.

Please share in the comments below or in the Forum.

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