It’s been PMBOK5 ITTO Changes in Excel Sheeta few months that we all have a copy of the new PMBOK5, released in January 2013.

People who have studied reading PMBOK4 and are unable to give the exam before July 2013 and are wondering about the changes, that have been made in PMBOK5 release. This sheet might be helpful for them.

Previously, I share a Power Point Presentation made by a good friend of mine and you can view it here: PMBOK5 Changes in Presentation .

Since I share the presentation, I have been receiving emails to write a comprehensive guide but am unable to get time but very soon will write a detail report on all the changes, but meanwhile, I have created this excel sheet which highlight all PMBOK5 ITTO changes.


[wpdm_file id=2]


Although, Instructions are written on the excel sheet but briefly:

  • The Black text represent the process was part of PMBOK4 and will continue as it is in PMBOK5.
  • The Dark Blue Text represent the process has been added in PMBOK5 and does not exist in PMBOK4.
  • The Red Strike Trough Text represent, the process was part of PMBOK4 and has been removed in PMBOK5.

I give full rights to anyone who wants to modify the sheet and make it more user friendly and meaningful.
Please let me know in the comments below, if you have made any changes to the sheet.

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