PMI Credential Holders 2014Project Management Institute aka PMI, has been offering various Project Management related certifications since decades. As the profession grows, demand for these certifications increases both by individuals who want to upgrade their resume and organizations, which tends to favor project management certificate holders.

Since, we are part of this profession and hence people like me are always curious on how many PMI certificate holders exist on the planet, and I am asked this question almost once a year.

I always try to collect this information from non other than PMI and write a short blog post about it, and here I am with stats as of April 2014. I have made a couple of charts as well to give the data a visual look, although the charts don’t look very promising to me :).

Please keep in mind that below statistics are for active PMI credentials holders only till April 2014, also stats for a couple of certifications were not available and therefore they are not mentioned like PfMP – Portfolio Management Professional, OPM3 etc.

There are a total of 640476 active PMI credential holders in the world and are distributed below: [hr]

Certified Associate in Project Management (CaPM):

24,789 [hr]

Project Management Professional (PMP):

605,909 [hr]

Program Management Professional:

1,014 [hr]

PMI Risk Management Professional:

2,638 [hr]

PMI Scheduling Management Professional:

1,118 [hr]

PMI Agile Certified Professional:



PMI Certificate Holders 2014

Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate holders in 2014 are a total of 95% of the overall PMI certificate holders, while Certified Associate in Project Management (CaPM) certificate holders are on number two on the list. Although PMI Agile Certified Professional PMI-ACP is recently introduced but it’s certificate holders have already surpassed PMI Risk Management Professional certificate holders and are catching up with CaPM.

Not it’s your turn.

What Project Management Certification have you achieved so far and specifically PMI Certification?

What PMI Certification are you looking forward to ?

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