There are quite a few benefits associated with PMI membership whether your intention is to boost your career and network with other professionals or enhance your knowledge, Avail discounts on certifications and books or seminars and many more. Although the opportunities are endless but a few of the PMI membership benefits are worth mentioning.

PMI Membership Benefits


Before you read this article, please refer back to the article on pmi membership and types to get familiarize  yourself with membership and the different types of membership that is offered by pmi and also the fee associated with each type of membership in pmi membership fee.

1: Path Pro:

Path Pro is an online career framework from PMI which can only be accessed if you are a member or PMI certified and give ample insights into your career plans and skills enhancement.


A free downloadable pdf copy of the PMBOK guide.

3: Chapter and Communities:

Joining local PMI chapter and online project management communities could bring endless opportunities to meet and network with other professionals in the industry.

4: Knowledge Center:

PMI membership could give you access to PMI knowledge center where you can have access to many project management books.

5: Journals:

PMI issues a few publications to inform and guide you on the latest developments and trends in the industry. PM Network, PM Today, Project Management Journal are a few of them which will gives you news, reviews and insight of the project management profession and industries.

6: Discounts:

Including many of the benefits, one of PMI membership benefits is to get discounts on pmi certifications, books, seminars etc.


Those were some of PMI membership benefits but its not limited, you should visit pmi website for other benefits and also to know more in depth into these benefits and choose whether they will be beneficial for you or not. If you think that these benefits could possibly help you in enhancing your career and professional growth, then you should avail pmi membership and get the most out of the possible benefits associated with the membership.

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