Memberships are a very useful way to stay in touch and intact with a certain organization. Memberships could provide a wide array of benefits and opportunities whether its related to enhancing knowledge and getting scholarships to networking, professional development, career advancement or achieve exclusive benefits and discounts.

PMI (Project Management Institute) is quite open in offering membership and the PMI membership is almost open to everyone, whether you are a student or a seasoned professional.

In this post, we will look at an insight of the different types of PMI membership offered.PMI also offer group membership, so if you are associated with an organization and viewing this post, you can consider group membership for the organization as well, for an up to date information on group membership and to know the criteria, I would suggest to check PMI website or write an email to pmi support.

PMI Membership Types

As of writing this post, PMI offer three types of membership besides group membership.

1: Individual.

Individual membership is a general membership and is open to every individual who is working on a project or doing project management and wants to enhance his/her knowledge about project management.

2: Student.

As mentioned above , PMI membership is not only for professionals but even students can benefit from the membership but that of course will depend on your degree status.

3: Retiree.

If you are spending a retiree life but still wants to be in touch with the profession of project management, PMI doors are open for you as well.


I know there must be many questions on your mind regarding PMI membership,fee and benefits and what criteria applies on you. I encourage you to view PMI Membership Fee and PMI Membership Benefits and if still there is some confusion, Please either write to me or comment below or ask in the Discussion Forum (Update: The forum has been put down for a while) or email PMI support and get the confirmation and update on which category you can be fit in.

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