The PMI-SP (Scheduling Professional) certification is a new credential offered by pmi. The PMI-SP certification was introduced in 2008 and the idea is to show the knowledge and ability of scheduling management, and the best scheduling management practices that has been followed in the industry.

The PMI-SP Exam Format is no different then the rest of the credentials and in this blog post, we will look at the PMI-SP Exam Format i.e: exam questions, duration, result and the knowledge that you will be tested on in the exam.


PMI-SP Exam Format

170 Questions:

There are 170 questions on the exam, but not every question score is counted towards the last result. 20 of the questions are considered as pre test questions. Hence your final score result will be based on the 150 correct answers.

3.30 Hours:

There are 3.30 hours to complete the exam, but before the clock ticking starts, there are 15 minutes prior of the 3.30 hours given to you and I stress that those 15 minutes, which are not counted in the 3.30 hours should be very well utilized.


The result will be either pass or fail and you will not be notified of the actual answers that you score either right or wrong. Rather you will be given a printed sheet but in this sheet besides pass/fail, you will be given a domain score that you have achieved in each of the domains.

Domains and Score:

There are five scheduling domain areas that you will be tested and they are mission management , creation, maintenance, analysis and communication & reporting. The domain scores are basically your strongest and weakest areas in the shape of Proficient, moderately proficient and below proficient.

I hope PMI-SP Exam Format that been clear to you by now, If there’s something that is not clear, please feel free to comment or ask in the Discussion Forum.

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