The globe is changing whether in terms of energy, global warming or anything that you can imagine. But that’s not it, the profession of project management which is vital for almost anything that one could imagine and when we talk of project management, we cannot look else where other than pmi (Project Management Institute). PMI also continuously evolve, whether it’s the website or any other project management disciple. Keeping this trend, PMI has announced changes to pmp certification new format 2011, which will be implemented after august 2011.

If you are planning the pmp certification after august 2011, please make sure you read this article. Also I will include the old format, so some one who have already planned before 30th august will be able to know the old format of questions distribution in each domain area. Please note that 30th august 2011 is the last date of the old format. According to PMI, there will be 30% of changes but the main change is in the examination of domain area. Let’s have a look.


PMP Certification New Format 2011


The changes as I said, is mostly in the domain area. Previously, if you look at the chart, professional responsibility was considered a separate domain and was 9% of the over all pmp exam. Now according to pmp certification new format 2011, the professional and social responsibility domain area has been made part of all the five domain areas, and that 9% of the professional and social responsibility questions are distributed among all the other domain areas.

PMP Certification Old format before august 2011.

PMP Certification New Format 2011.


PMP aspirants, should not worry and should neither rush to take the exam before the changes are implemented. Wish you all the best with the new changes in exam.

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