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In our previous post, we touched the latest changes to pmp exam in august 2011, and in this blog post we would try to cover pmp exam questions and its distribution, regardless of the five process groups. The pmp exam questions as we know are randomly selected from the pool of database questions, that pmi has been maintaining and also updated as new questions are received from volunteers and pmi staff. It has been believed that there are thousands of pmp exam questions in pmi database and been updated continuously.

So the 200 questions that you may be attempting may look different then the distribution list below, but when I collaborate with various test takers, they have been agreed on below pattern.

Situational Questions:

There will be almost 90% situational questions, they may be direct or indirect from the pmbok guide. They could be pmbok definitions or rather pmbok terms and asked in a situational way.

e.g: If the questions is about stakeholder, then it won’t be asked as what is stakeholder but rather a scenario will be created and you will be asked about the stakeholder. Since the whole exam is almost situational and these kind of things some time gets tricky, you need to pay good attention and focus.


There will be 4 to 9 formula questions. But it might not be just formula’s, you can add diagrams and charts in it as well. e.g: Earned Value Formula’s are important and there will be a couple of questions from it. So formula’s, diagrams and charts will combine makes up to 9 questions on the pmp exam.

PMBOK Glossary:

Terms and Definitions will make 20 to 30% of the pmp exam, so it is recommended that pmbok glossary be memorized to achieve these 20 to 30%. Those terms and definitions might not be asked directly but as I said above they could be asked in a situational manner.

Input’s Tools and Techniques and Output’s:

There will be a couple and no more than 3 questions asked on ITTO’s. So do not pay much attention over ITTO’s and rather focus on what each process is about.

If you are a new test taker, I hope this list will be beneficial for you but if you have already avail the opportunity of sitting in the exam, then please do share with us your experience and enlighten us on what kind of pmp exam questions you face.


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