Although, the pmbok guide has been organized in knowledge area’s, but in the pmp exam you will be tested on Five Process Groups. i.e: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & controlling and Closing.
According to the latest changes in pmp exam: pmp certification changes 2011 Professional responsibility questions has been distributed on all these five process groups.

Initiating process group was previously holding 11% and Closing process group was 9% of the overall pmp exam. With these changes Initiating is now 13% and Closing is drop 1 making it 8% of the Exam now. That is really good for aspirants and especially those, who focus on Smart study rather than Hard.

Initiating and Closing combine makes 21% of the pmp exam and these two processes have the least processes and can easily be master.

So tip for the day is to master these two processes i.e: Initiation and Closing and increase your chances of passing the pmp exam in first try..