PMP Tip 9 checklist before exam day

image credit: Flickr CC mistersnappy

This tip is less related to taking the pmp exam but more focused on the things that needs to be done prior of exam day.

I have personally use this tip and is highly recommended.
This tip is not limited to pmp exam but is helpful for every exam, interview, important meeting or any  other important event etc.

1: Go visit the test venue prior of exam day. It’s always best to familiarize yourself with the environment. Also try to peak inside, if they let you enter the premises, so that you don’t find yourself stranger on the D-Day.

2: It’s also best to check the route, bus, train, car and how much time it would take you to reach. If you are taking your car, make sure the test taking center provide car park facility.

3: You are not allowed to take yourself watch, mobile, paper and other things in the test center, so make sure leave most of the things at home. But if you had to carry all these things with you, make sure the test center provide a locker (They normally do) but it’s always good to know in advance..

4: Not everyone is allowed in test center room or hall, whatever in your case until valid identification is provided. You should make sure that you have valid passport, Id or any identification card set in advance for the exam.

I suddenly recall these tips and thought to quickly write it. Will update this post in future. Meanwhile, if you have any points to be added, please feel free to add in the comments.