PMP Exam Tip#1: Formula’s


Formula Questions: 3 to 5

There will be some questions on the pmp exam based on the formula’s defined in the pmbok guide. You need to know these formula’s in order to increase your chances of passing pmp exam on first try. May be you have a very clear understanding of these formula’s, but still may forgot it on the exam.

So how to overcome it ?. Before your exam starts at the prometric test center. You are given a pencil and a sheet, also you have 15 minutes tutorial on how to use computer etc. which I am sure you must already be familiar with and may not require that training. So how should those 15 minutes be utilized and how it can help you with today’s tip.

TIP: During the 15 minutes tutorial:

  • Take your pencil and sheet and write down all the formula’s.
  • Refer to the sheet, throughout your 4 hours without recalling each formula’s.

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