PMP Exam Tip#2: PMI Always Win


Questions: All

The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is sponsored by PMI, and PMI has the sole ownership and authority you can say over the exam and hence is the only authentic source of information. So what ever PMI advocates and dictates, you have to follow. PMI has introduced and identifies PMBOK as there guidelines for the CaPM, PMP and other exams.

The subject of this post is quite self explanatory but still what has the subject of this post to do with today’s tip and what does it mean ?.

Tip: Before and during the PMP exam remember PMI always win:

  • No matter what, you have to answer all questions based on PMI and PMBOK point of view.
  • When ever before taking on the exam and while you are at the exam center and are stuck in a concept or question, refer to and recall PMI concepts, and ask yourself what PMI has to say about it.

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