PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible

In my previous post, PMP Exam Tip #2: PMI® always Win, I explained the authority of PMI and it’s influence over it’s exams. PMI advocates the use of PMBOK and will judge you based on the recommendations and guidelines mentioned in it. PMBOK is Bible and your guide for passing you on the exam.

Almost 60-70% of the questions are from PMBOK directly or indirectly and are situational, so be prepared for it and you can only answer those if you have a clear understanding of the PMBOK4 guide and its processes, and real Project Management experience based on pmi and pmbok guidelines as well.

The normal questions are also not that straight forward, like what is WBS or RBS. It may be defined in a situational way as well, So you can only answer if you have a clear understanding of the definition of WBS or RBS and its usage.

Tip: PMBOK is Bible and is always right.

  • Always refer to PMBOK.
  • Answer all questions based on PMBOK recommendations and guidelines.

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