Lessons Learned are one of the most important and emphasized term used in Project Management (although not restricted to it).

This post is about my PMP Lessons Learned from the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam Certification.

For general lessons learned, I would encourage to read my other article (lesson learned).

In this blog post I will mention my PMP Lessons Learned, before and after appearing on the pmp exam,
I would like you to note it down before appearing on the PMP exam.

[hr]PMP Lesson Learned

  • Memorize and Know all Formula’s and its implication’s (Earned Value Etc) and Know how to Calculate Critical Path, Float, Forward / Backward Pass and Duration.
  • Memorize and Know the Definition / Functionality / Implication of all Kinds of Charts (Flow Etc), Diagram’s (Pareto Etc)
  • Memorize and Know all the Theories (Maslow’s Etc).
  • Project Manager’s role, responsibilities and authority in different level of Organization’s (Matrix Etc).
  • Project Manager’s Role in Change requests, Conflicts, Team building, Project Initiation and Closure.
  • Project Manager’s Communication with Teams and stakeholders especially with diverse Cultures and distant locations.
  • Different Organization structure (Matrix Etc).
  • All Terms / Definitions of Every Topic and its implication or Usage.
  • Estimating (Analogous Etc)
  • Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  • Difference between Project Closure and Administrative Closure and Project Manager’s role in it.
  • Charter and Scope.
  • Procurement’s (contract Types Etc).
  • Project Selection, Which project to select (EMV, NPV etc).
  • Reports and Reporting (Progress, Trend Etc).[hr]


I take no responsibility or claim any guarantee that with these PMP Lessons Learned one will be able to pass pmp exam
but these are my personal PMP Lesson Learned from the PMP exam that I wanted to share with all PMP® aspirants.

Also some people consider PMBOK as a necessity for the PMP exam while other have distinct opinion.

Please have a look at my review on the PMBOK Guide and Whether PMBOK is Indispensable for PMP Exam.

Those were my PMP Lessons Learned.

Over to you; What are your PMP Lessons Learned ?

Please post it in the comment box below or in Forum .

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