PMP TIP #4: Mock Questions


Mock Questions: 0 Chance

We all know about PMP exam questions and format (by the way if you land directly to this post and are unaware of exam questions, please read this article first PMP Exam Format to have a better understanding. The exam format related to questions distribution has been changed in 2011, please read this article to stay updated PMP Certification New Format 2011).

Just to give a brief over view, the exam has 200 questions and you will be given 4 hours to complete it. Now there are no schedule breaks, that means the clock will continue ticking while you are taking a break.

Mock questions is the one of the best way to know your time of attempting the questions on the real exam and there are thousands of free mock questions available online, but today’s topic is not about how to gain your time rather is to attempt mock questions before the exam.

TIP: Attempt mock questions before the exam.

  • Attempt as many mock questions as possible.
  • Attempt mock questions from reputable sources.
  • Attempt at least 4 complete set of 200 questions.

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