PMP TIP #5: Avoid Unnecessary Materials, Books, Forums

You must have heard alot from me saying, the pmp exam is not a rocket science. I still conquer this statement. Knowledge is a great thing but too much and unnecessary regarding to a subject, I don’t think so. I am not some one who is in a position to pass fatwa’s but just my 2 cents.

OK, so let’s come to today’s tip, although the title of the page is quite self explanatory but this is a very important tip. I have seen and including my self when I start the pmp journey, I had to grab any material that some one asked me to read and subscribe to every forum out there. Of course you can do that but after passing the pmp exam. I touched this topic in another blog post as well “Pass PMP Exam On First Try“.

TIP: Before your pmp exam avoid all unnecessary materials, books, blogs, forums.

  • No need to go through every book and material.
  • No need to subscribe to all pmp blogs and forums.
  • Read pmbok with a good reputable study guide.
  • 4 set’s of 200 questions from reputable source.

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