Time is one of the most important and crucial factor of the pmp exam. If you plan and utilize your time well, hopefully you will be on top of the exam. When the pmp exam starts, you will have 15 minutes prior of the exam given to you and then the four hours of the exam. I had written two articles on both of those topics and would like to encourage you to go through it as well. The articles are on How To Utilize Fifteen Minutes Of PMI PMP and Other Exams and How To Fully Utilize Or Plan 4 Hours Of PMP and other PMI Exams.

Let me come back on to today’s tip. Today’s tip is about how you should attempt the questions in a way to save your time and also complete the exam with in the four hour time span but not only that, you should have at least some time for revision. Also how much time and effort you need on each question separately.

TIP: During the PMP Exam, do not spend too much time on lengthy and formula questions.

  • You should not spend too much time on lengthy questions. By this statement it doesn’t mean that you totally ignore the lengthy questions, you cannot ignore them as there will be many lengthy questions. Most of the aspirants, spend 4 to 5 minutes on just one question, reading it and trying to understand. If you read it the first time and it make any sense to you, go and select an option and if doesn’t make any sense it won’t make any difference.
  • I have seen many people stuck in attempting formula’s and they spend a heck of time, solving it. If you feel, solving a formula question is taking your time, then it’s better to leave it and move ahead. Do not over spend your time solving a single or a few formula’s.


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