We don’t want new aspirant to repeat the same mistakes done by others and in today’s PMP tip, we will try to uncover a test taking strategy that many people avoid and are trapped in the time’s up. Let’s jump straight into this strategy and note it down before appearing in the exam. This strategy is during the exam when you are taking the test and the clock had already started ticking.

There is a feature on the test taking software called “mark it for later review” (The words may vary but the concept is to mark a question and revisit later again during the exam to change your answer, if you are in doubt).On the pmp exam, there would be many questions that are difficult and you wonder where this comes up from, so test takers heavily rely and use the option “Mark it”.

Why people mark a question ?

Normally test takers read the question and then read the answers but either they didn’t understand the question or they don’t find an answer to be correct in the options given and so they mark it for later review.

Don’t just mark a question, choose an option as well ?

Four hours for the pmp exam is pretty much good time and normally test takers have some time left to review there previous questions and change some options but many people are slow in reading questions and answers and they have either limited or no time later left for review. when you read a question and it’s available options, it means that you have already spent the time allocated for that particular question, so instead of coming back to the question and spend double time over it and who knows you got no time at the end and your answer’s are blank.

So the advice and tip is to read a question and available option and then choose at least an option that you think is the best answer and mark it. There are many benefits but I will mention a few of them:

  • You can come back to this question any time and change the option, if you find an answer to it during the exam.
  • If you are short of time during the exam, you are not worried that some of your mark questions were not answered and they will not be counted.
  • When you leave an option blank and unable to answer later, the probability of the answer to be correct 0%.
  • When you select an option, you increase the probability of the answer to be correct 75%.

In simple words, if you are in doubt for a question, choose an option and mark it, if you got the time to come back and review, well and good, and if you didn’t find time, then there is nothing to worry about as you have already raise the probability bar.

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