PMP Tips and Tricks

PMP Tips and Tricks was initially created as a long list based on my pmp lessons learned and from other pmp aspirants, professionals, trainers, experts etc with hardly any explanation and was just bullet points. The list includes various pmp tips and tricks covering different aspects of the pmp exam certification e.g:

  • Study time
  • Study material
  • Test taking strategies
  • Choosing the best answer

But then I thought and also received a couple of requests, why not elaborate and explain each pmp tips and tricks in detail for the ease of pmp aspirants. Now I will try to write one pmp tips and tricks daily with explanation and put a link in here.

I know the pmp (project management professional) exam is a little bit tricky and different then the rest of the certification, but hopefully these pmp tips and tricks will be beneficial for you in order to pass pmp exam on your first try. But, please keep in mind that these pmp tips and tricks are not a guarantee and standard. It’s not necessarily that some thing worked for me and others will work for you too.

If you have some good pmp tips and tricks that you have discovered during your study and want to share with us. We would love and encourage you to do so, and make this thread a one stop for all pmp aspirants. Find below three ways you can do so, but please make sure it’s not shared some where else and also you are personally the owner of the contents:

  • Submit it as a comment. You can comment below.
  • Submit it as a post. You can Contact Me.
  • Submit it in the Forum. Here is the link: Project Management Community Discussion Forum
    (Update: Temporary disabled , cauz of too much spam)
    (Update Forum was closed for 2 years but now opened again)


PMP Tips:


TIP #1: Formula’s

TIP #2: PMI Always Win

TIP #3: PMBOK is Bible

TIP #4: Mock Questions

TIP #5: Avoid unnecessary Materials, Books, Forums

TIP #6: Do not Spend Time on lengthy and Formula Questions

TIP #7: Choose an Option

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