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PMP TIP #7: Choose an Option

We don’t want new aspirant to repeat the same mistakes done by others and in today’s PMP tip, we will try to uncover a test taking strategy that many people avoid and are trapped in the time’s up. Let’s...

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PMP TIP #4: Mock Questions

PMP TIP #4: Mock Questions   Mock Questions: 0 Chance We all know about PMP exam questions and format (by the way if you land directly to this post and are unaware of exam questions, please read this article first PMP Exam...

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PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible

PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible In my previous post, PMP Exam Tip #2: PMI® always Win, I explained the authority of PMI and it’s influence over it’s exams. PMI advocates the use of PMBOK and will judge you based on...

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PMP Exam Tip#2: PMI Always Win

PMP Exam Tip#2: PMI Always Win   Questions: All The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is sponsored by PMI, and PMI has the sole ownership and authority you can say over the exam and hence is the only authentic...

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PMP Exam Tip#1: Formula’s

PMP Exam Tip#1: Formula’s   Formula Questions: 3 to 5 There will be some questions on the pmp exam based on the formula’s defined in the pmbok guide. You need to know these formula’s in order to increase...

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PMP Tips and Tricks

PMP Tips and Tricks PMP Tips and Tricks was initially created as a long list based on my pmp lessons learned and from other pmp aspirants, professionals, trainers, experts etc with hardly any explanation and was just bullet...

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