PMI (Project Management Institute), as we know is the most popular institute of the world in the field of project management.

We also know PMI offers a wide variety of project management related certifications, and each exam consist of some multiple choice questions.

The questions on the exam however vary,

e.g: In one exam there may be more or less questions asked.
e.g: pmp has 200 while capm has 150 questions.

But, there is one commonality, and is used in almost all of the certifications offered by pmi and that is each pmi certification has some pre test questions.

In this blog post we will uncover those pre test questions.


[hr]What is pmi pre test questions[hr]

Let’s take an example from the pmp certification.

We know that the pmp exam has 200 questions but 25 are pre test.

It means when you appear on the exam, you will be asked 200 questions but your final score will be based on the 175 correct answers.

The 25 pre test questions result will not be included into your final result.

[hr]How would I know those pre test questions on the exam[hr]

Unfortunately, you are not told and neither can spot those pre test questions.

So you have to answer each question, keeping in mind that this will be counted for your final result.

[hr]Will those pre test questions be counted in my exam[hr]

As I mentioned above, the pre test questions will have no impact on your final result.

e.g: On pmp exam, Whether your 25 pre test questions were all correct or all incorrect, they will not be score.

[hr]Why pmi use pre test questions[hr]

I am in no authority to say anything but the pre test questions are used or reserved for future.

Based upon those pre test questions further research and enhancements are done on the real exams.

[hr]What are the benefits of Pre test questions[hr]

Pre test is a very effective way to judge some one or target some geographical or diverse test takers.

This is a great way to know the abilities, capabilities and knowledge of the test takers.

Overall it’s a great tool which helps in future planning to explore and exploit new ways, knowledge, and also seek gaps and enhanced the course structure and material.

If you have any questions regarding pmi pre test questions, please don’t ask me 🙂


image credit: peter kim

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