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The profession of Project Management has been growing rapidly, while continuously evolving with the changes and challenges faced by organizations, as they tend to be more Project focus than ever.

In order to meet these challenges, the Project Management bodies need to be well aware and equip with the latest trends, techniques, tools, and certifications.

Since we know, behind every successful Project, there is a highly trained and skilled Project Manager.

Regardless of the industry, a Project Management Certification adds further information, value, and help Project Manager’s demonstrate their abilities as certified Professionals.


Top Project Management Certifications:

best project management certification

Below are some of the most recognized Project Management Certifications that will help Project Managers horn their skills, and benefit from adding value to their list of credentials.

  • CompTIA Project+ Certification
  • CaPM Certified Associate in Project Management
  • PMP Project Management Professional
  • CSM Certified Scrum Master
  • ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • PRINCE2 Projects in Controlled Environments


CompTIA Project+ Certification:
The CompTIA Project+ Certification is for Professionals who manages small to medium sized Projects, which are less resource intensive and less complex in nature.

Project+ Certification of CompTIA is equivalent to CaPM Certification of PMI.
Both are entry level Certification in Project Management and provide basic concept to successfully manage a small Project.

Project+ is independent of IT Project Management and is not based on any methodology or framework.
However, CompTIA is more focused on IT and work with IT, Programming, and similar Govt, non-Govt organizations in designing the Certification.
CompTIA stands for The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) responsible for Project+ Certification.


CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management Certification:
The CAPM Certified Associate in Project Management Certification is considered the first step in Project Management Profession.
Those individuals and Professionals who are less qualified, or with not good enough Project Management expertise are allowed to take this Certification.

The CaPM Certification demonstrate an individual’s ability to know and understand the terminology of Project Management and is also a stepping stone towards the PMP Certification.


PMP: Project Management Professional Certification:
The PMP Project Management Professional Certification is world’s acclaimed and the platinum standard in Project Management Certification.
A professional has to go through a daunting application process with proven track record of education and Project Management expertise in order to qualify for the Certification.

The CaPM and PMP Certifications are both offered and administered by PMI: The Project Management Institute and is based on the most acclaimed and defacto standard for the profession of Project Management, The Project Management Body of Knowledge Book.

PMI works closely with it’s partners, academia, and industry to collect best practices, knowledge, and latest techniques. Also ensures the book updates regularly and certifications remains relevant.


CSM: Certified Scrum Master Certification:
The CSM Certified Scrum Master Certification is a starting point for Professionals and Project Managers to kick start their careers as Scrum Certified or Scrum Practitioners.

The world has gone agile.

The disruptions in IT industry compel IT organizations to adopt agile methodologies, and so IT Practitioners and Professionals have to adopt accordingly to agile environments. Besides proven track record of successful IT Management, a uniquely certify professional will set themselves apart from others.

There are many organizations provides Scrum Master Certifications, but Scrum Alliance seems to be the dominant of all with half a million Certified Practitioners around the world.


ITIL:  Information Technology Infrastructure Library Certification:
The ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library Certification is not one Certification but consist of several layers; from Foundation, Intermediate, Managing Across The Lifecycle (MALC), Expert and Master.

Though primarily, ITIL is for IT sector but many organizations are using it for a variety of other purposes and non-IT situations.

ITIL is process based and world’s recognized framework for IT service Management. It’s basically best practices, guidance, delivering and managing IT services for an organization. It helps organization in better Management and delivery of IT resources, while continually improve efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and cost Management.


PRINCE2: Projects in Controlled Environments:
The PRINCE2 Projects in Controlled Environments has two primary levels of Certification, PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner. At Practitioner level, there is PRINCE2 Practitioner and PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Certifications as updated in 2017, 2018.

PRINCE2 Foundation is an introduction to PRINCE2 methodology and aims to provide and tests the basic knowledge and understanding of Project Management. It’s also a pre-requisite to PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification.

PRINCE2 Practitioner is more of an advanced level of Project Management Certification.
It’s tailor for formal Project Managers or Professionals in Project Management positions.
The purpose of this Certification is to demonstrate the understanding and implementation of PRINCE2 methodologies in various scenarios and different Project environments.

The ILXGroup is responsible for ITIL, PRINCE2 and other similar certifications.


Which Project Management Certification is Right For You?

project management certification is right

I can assume you are new to Project Management or a seasoned Project Manager.
Either case, you wish to boost your career or add a credential to your name and skeptic to choose the right Certification.

So, which one to choose?

If you are into IT sector, then Project+ and ITIL are more suitable for you.
But, both are entry level and tailored towards small Projects with less complexity and are generally focused on the fundamentals of Project Management and the knowledge and understanding of Project Management terms, like Project life cycle, Project communication, stakeholders, etc.

CaPM can also be placed in the above category, if you are more into waterfall and traditional Project Management environment.

If you are into IT and Agile environments, then Scrum Certifications, Agile Certifications, Prince2 Agile Certification is suitable for you.
Also, other similar Certifications from reputable organizations will definitely help you horn your skills.

PMP and PRINCE2 are two of the most renowned, respected, Project Management Certifications in the world.
But, both are tailor towards more experienced Professionals and Project Managers.


Considering a Certification, pro tips:

When considering a Certification, keep these things in mind.

  • Will it help my career?
  • Will it make me more employable?
  • Time duration of the Certification
  • The budget for the Certification
  • The target industry


Other Project Management Certificates, Certifications, and Degrees:


There are a plethora of industry specific Certifications, like; Quality Management, Security Management, and other similar industries.
The one mentioned above are some of the best Project Management Certifications regardless of any industry.

Also, some Certifications are country specific and work best in their environment and circumstances. There are also independent organizations and institutions provide Certificates, Certifications, Diplomas, and Degrees in Project Management.


Over to you.

If I miss any certification, please let me know and share your feedback on the Certifications mentioned in the post.

Your opinion matters, share it!



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