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Rita Mulcahy book

5 Recommended Books for PMP Certification

So you decided to get PMP Certification credentials, and now in search to find the best books for PMP Certification Exam preparation. Although, there are a plethora of books available to help you prepare for PMP Exam, but I choose some of the best books for pmp exam preparation that have helped many aspirants pass […]

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how to prepare for pmp exam

How To Prepare For PMP Exam

Whenever we start a project or certification or anything new, the first question we ask ourself: Where should I start from ? or how to prepare or equip myself for the upcoming task or challenge or whatever we want to accomplish ?. If you have just started your preparation, then this post will help you […]

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PMP Certification Cost

How much does PMP Certification Cost ??

I have written a couple of guides, PMP Certification Requirements and PMP Certification Beginner’s Guide, and I have pretty much explained the whole process of starting PMP journey and including PMP exam cost. But still, I receive a few emails now and then, asking about PMP Certification Cost. So for those aspirants who specifically want […]

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PMP Exam Questions

PMP Exam Questions

PMP Exam Questions In our previous post, we touched the latest changes to pmp exam in august 2011, and in this blog post we would try to cover pmp exam questions and its distribution, regardless of the five process groups. The pmp exam questions as we know are randomly selected from the pool of database […]

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PMI Handbook

PMI Handbook

PMI Handbook PMI handbook is a very useful and important document offered by pmi, and is free to download. Although in this blog, I have quite extensively covered and am still covering most of the topics related to pmi certifications, e.g: Exam requirements, fee structure, questions, pdu’c etc. But all these information are available in […]

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Pre Test - PMI Pre Test Questions

Pre Test – PMI Pre Test Questions

PMI (Project Management Institute), as we know is the most popular institute of the world in the field of project management. We also know PMI offers a wide variety of project management related certifications, and each exam consist of some multiple choice questions. The questions on the exam however vary, e.g: In one exam there […]

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PMP TIP #4: Mock Questions

PMP TIP #4: Mock Questions   Mock Questions: 0 Chance We all know about PMP exam questions and format (by the way if you land directly to this post and are unaware of exam questions, please read this article first PMP Exam Format to have a better understanding. The exam format related to questions distribution […]

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PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible

PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible In my previous post, PMP Exam Tip #2: PMI® always Win, I explained the authority of PMI and it’s influence over it’s exams. PMI advocates the use of PMBOK and will judge you based on the recommendations and guidelines mentioned in it. PMBOK is Bible and your guide for […]

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PMI-ACP Exam Format

PMI-ACP Exam Format

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) is a brand new certification offered by PMI. The PMI-ACP certification is going to be introduced on the third quarter of 2011. It has been targeted towards those organizations and individuals that are practicing agile on their projects. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) will demonstrate further professional ability in the field […]

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