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When to know I am ready for PMP Exam

This is really the toughest and daunting question for everyone and anyone to answer, whether some one is an aspirant or a professional. If you ask yourself, you will never get an answer. But if you ask a professional, he/s may...

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What is a Project

When it comes to Project Management and related terms, we are biased and rely on the definitions provided by PMI. According to PMI there are some traits that indicates the existence of a project. I will try to mention and...

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PMP Exam Questions

PMP Exam Questions In our previous post, we touched the latest changes to pmp exam in august 2011, and in this blog post we would try to cover pmp exam questions and its distribution, regardless of the five process groups. The...

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PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible

PMP Exam Tip#3: PMBOK is Bible In my previous post, PMP Exam Tip #2: PMI® always Win, I explained the authority of PMI and it’s influence over it’s exams. PMI advocates the use of PMBOK and will judge you based on...

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Pass PMP Exam On First Try

Pass PMP Exam Whenever I had discussion with a pmp aspirant, the first question that I am asked; How To Pass PMP Exam On First Try ? Let me make it clear, the pmp exam is not a rocket science. Yes ! I agree, the pmp exam is a...

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PMP Certification New Format 2011

The globe is changing whether in terms of energy, global warming or anything that you can imagine. But that’s not it, the profession of project management which is vital for almost anything that one could imagine and when...

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PMP Exam Format

  The PMP certification has been the most popular among all the certifications offered by PMI, and hence there are many questions asked by aspirants. You should better check detail description of eligibility and other...

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