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How To Prepare For PMP Exam

Whenever we start a project or certification or anything new, the first question we ask ourself: Where should I start from ? or how to prepare or equip myself for the upcoming task or challenge or whatever we want to accomplish...

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PMP Exam Tip#2: PMI Always Win

PMP Exam Tip#2: PMI Always Win   Questions: All The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is sponsored by PMI, and PMI has the sole ownership and authority you can say over the exam and hence is the only authentic...

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PMP Exam Tip#1: Formula’s

PMP Exam Tip#1: Formula’s   Formula Questions: 3 to 5 There will be some questions on the pmp exam based on the formula’s defined in the pmbok guide. You need to know these formula’s in order to increase...

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PMP Certification New Format 2011

The globe is changing whether in terms of energy, global warming or anything that you can imagine. But that’s not it, the profession of project management which is vital for almost anything that one could imagine and when...

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PMP Exam Format

  The PMP certification has been the most popular among all the certifications offered by PMI, and hence there are many questions asked by aspirants. You should better check detail description of eligibility and other...

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PMP Certification Requirements

So you want to get your PMP certification and are wondering where to start the process from and asking yourself what are the PMP Certification requirements. You are in the right place and this post will hopefully be beneficial...

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