Although, I have written a small blog post on what needs to be done before you go to the prometric test taking center for your PMP or any other PMI exam, The Checklist before Exam Day but today’s announcement from Pometric was quite appealing to me.

Incase you don’t know about Prometric (It’s the organization that runs test centers round the world for various exams and certifications including PMI (PMP Exam) etc). Today, they announce a very interesting offer, you can now test drive certain exams as part of your preparation, The good news for all PMP aspirants is that PMP is among the selected certification.

The offer is called Test Drive and it will give you real exam environment/condition  offering you 30 minutes time, without score. (Means, it will have no impact on your real PMP Exam).

Since, there are no free lunches, you will be charge 30$ for this real like dummy environment at prometric test center and here’s the link: Take a Practice Dry RunTest at Prometric

If anyone reading this blog post is interested in this offer and avail this opportunity, Share your experience /feedback with us by leaving a comment below.

Happy Dry Run.
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