Whether you an aspirant, who have just started PMP journey or a PMP certified, it is for your information that you can download a free pdf copy of PMBOK6 from PMI website.

The 100% legal pdf copy of PMBOK Sixth Edition is available for all PMI Member’s.

Not only it is legal but you can save a few dollars with your Capm or PMP certification.

Here is how you can save money with your certification.Download Free PMBOK Guide 6th Edition PDF

PMBOK6 price alone is: 66 $ + : https://amzn.to/2HT7rof

PMP Certification Cost is: 555 $ for non-members.

PMI Membership: 129 $ and

PMP Certification Cost for Members: 405 $

Let’s do the Maths:

405 $ + 129 $ = 534 $

You save 21 $ + 41 $ = 62$


So, I highly recommend to get PMI Membership and besides other membership benefits, one can easily download a free pdf copy of PMBOK6 edition.

You need two things:
1: Membership (That you have paid for)
2: Username and Password on PMI Website (That is free)

Once you purchase your membership:
login to PMI Website with your username and password and
go to this url: Download PMBOK6 from PMI Website

You will be able to download a password protected pdf copy.
Yes, once you download the file and try to open, it will ask for a password.

The password is basically your PMI’s website password (whatever password you are using to login to PMI website) you will use the same password to open the pdf version of PMBOK6.


Complimentary Copy Of Agile Practice Guide:


Don’t forget to download a complimentary copy of Agile Practice Guide, that is included with PMBOK6.


Can I print the soft copy of PMBOK6?


PMI has been extremely strict with it’s publications and has prohibited any form of distribution of it’s guides, especially the PMBOK Guide.

Please note: This soft copy of pdf download is purely for educational purposes and any kind of reproduction can jeopardize your PMI credentials.

With that said, with the release of this guide, PMI has revised it’s terms of use policy, and has prohibited any form of printing.



PMBOK6 and Agile practice guideIf you are not interested in PMI’s membership, and downloading a free copy of PMBOK.

You can always go to Amazon and purchase a copy for yourself.
Either, click on the image or the link below.


If I were you, I would prefer taking PMI membership and download a free pdf copy of PMBOK, rather than purchasing it from amazon.




Over to you:
What would you prefer?

A free soft version but unprintable.
Print version from Amazon.



  1. Just starting my quest on getting my PMP certification, I found your website very informative and useful for beginners like me.

    • Magombe Andrew:
      You have to work hard ..
      I have explained the whole process in great detail in beginners guide..
      Let me know, if you need something specific.

  2. Hi Amir, Thanks in advance for your guidance to the certification aspirants from PMI. I would like to know if PMBOK is the common study material for both PMP exam and PgMP exam?

  3. Hi
    please tell me for pmp certification pmbok or online training is essential?or any site for studying with tutorials and dummy questions for our preparation at home?which is the best training center if any available

  4. Hi Amir,
    Thanks for the info i detail. i am planning to prepare for PMP certification. Is this the latest and greatest info on your website or any changes? What are the books to follow to get certified. Also anyone willing to prepare together for exam pls feel to mail me.

    Thanks Amir,

  5. Hi Amir,
    do we really need to do 35 contact hours to give PMP certification, if yes, is there any way we can do it online and free?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Hello Kuldeep,

      The 35 contact hours are debatable but when you are about to submit your application for pmp exam, you are asked about it.
      There are many places you can get it online, yes.
      Ahhh free is abit hard as I haven’t come across anyone sharing the whole course for free, but it’s not impossible. Check your local institutes or trainers, may be they can give you a free training..

      Hope it helps.

  6. Hello Amir
    I attended a program for 35 PDU hours however it was sometime in July 2012. I did not appear for the exam at that time. I plan to undertake the exam soon, any thoughts the 35 PDU hours gained can be utilized now?

  7. Hi Amir and thanks for your valuable information. The membership is valid for one year.does that commit me to take the exam within this year to have the package offer?

    • Hello Himmat,
      You are welcome, Thanks for the kind words.
      That’s ture..
      Not only that but if you submit fee and didn’t take your exam in one year, Your fee is lost and you have to redo the process of submitting application and payment again.
      If you feel, one year is about to end and you haven’t schedule or attempt your exam, you can ask PMI for a refund and they will deduct $100 or something, depends.

  8. Hi Amir, I had my registration expired just two days before they issued the PMBOK 5, I have all the pdfs from the PMI membership library, And I’m not going to do membership just for the 5th ed. So can you send it to me as pdf to

    • Hello Midoo,
      I am sorry that your membership expired before grabing your hand over PMBOK.
      It’s a copy righted book and neither I nor anyone has the right to share PMBOK or any other copy righted material.
      Also, please read PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility before attempting exam.

      • Hi, I’m PMP certified, no need for exams. it is just for my library collection. And I understand the code of PMP, And “it is highly recommended for the Project Manager to share knowledge with his team, colleagues and associates”. It is not copying, not printing, it is knowledge sharing. But thank you though for the info. One of my colleagues gave me a hard copy right now. Thanks

  9. Dear Amir,

    do you have some information about PMP® Examination Content is Changing in November 2015, there are some important changes, or just some not significant? I only know that from Closing domain they reduced some percentage (1 %) of questions, it’s will be 7% (was 8), and execution domain they increased by 1%. So this is mean that from one domain they have moved to another. There are some more important changes?

    • Dear arunas,
      The changes are not so significant but it’s wise to go for exam before November.

      I will write a detail report on the changes next week hopefully.

  10. Dear Amer,

    I’m trying to escape my current career in food industry, i have master in business decision management UK 2009, i have always love PM and now i’m start thinking on getting PMP, would that really benefits me in new career as PM. ?

    • Dear Joseph,
      That depends.
      But with a PMP badge, you definitely will have an edge over non PMP’s.
      I personally have witness that organizations / individual pay respect to a PMP Certified holder.

      But again as I said, it depends on country/organizations/demand.
      I would suggest you check local newspaper/online job portals and seek description of PM jobs (Is PMP mandatory or even mentioned). It will give you great visibility on PMP benefit/demand in your locality or country or whatever..

      Hope that helps.

  11. Hello Amir,

    Thanks You for all your effort in providing the info.

    I am planning for a PMP certification Course. Could you just rank the Top five Institutes in Dubai who do provide such course (PMP)?

    Thanks in advnace,

    Best regards,
    G P Das

  12. I have learnt a lot so far from some of the reading online. Hope to learn even more.


    Regards, Nathi

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