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Welcome PMBOK 6th Edition 2017.
It is that time of the year that comes every four to five years, and bring itself anxiety and excitement at the same time.

For all of you, who are new to PMI and PMBOK, the guide is updated every four to five years.

The last updated version was in 2013, The PMBOK Guide 5th Edition.

September 6th 2017, the new updated version PMBOK 6th Edition is released.

If you are curious to know:PMBOK 6th Edition 2017

What the PMBOK Guide is, and,
What the PMBOK Guide is not.
Why it updates every four years.
Why it is so difficult to comprehend. and,
What certifications are based on this book.


Then grab a cup of coffee and read almost, everything you need to know about Project Management Body Of Knowledge.


I have been a PMP Certification Trainer from the past 7 years, and I highly recommend everyone should have a copy of the PMBOK in their book shelves, whether they opt for any PMI Certification or not.


It’s not the most exciting and entertaining book, it’s dull and dry and before you blame me after your purchase.
Please read this blog post that I have written a few years back on – why your first impression towards the PMBOK guide will be bitter.



PMBOK 6th Edition 2017A Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge – PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition 2017 can be purchased from Amazon by either clicking on the image, or the link given below:

Get a hard copy of the book via the link above or by clicking on the image.

You can also grab a soft copy of PMBOK6 from PMI for free, by becoming a PMI member and save some bucks as well, as explained in the link.





Since many aspirants will get a latest copy of PMBOK 6th Edition 2017, to study for PMP or CaPM Certification, which is due to change and replace the old exam based on Fifth Edition in first quarter of 2018 or Q1 2018.

It is not the only book to be read for these certifications but rather should be accompanied by any other book.

Here is my list of the Recommended Books for PMP Certification.

Having said that, I still believe it’s a must have book for everyone, regardless of whether they appear for any PMI Certifications or not.

The book has many changes as we saw in the first draft shared by PMI, with the Project Management community.

I’ll write about it in detail in another post, but the most exciting thing for me and many professionals is the inclusion of Agile.


PMBOK 6th Edition and Agile Practice Guide:


The PMBOK approach was more waterfall.
PMI has another certification PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner), designated for Agile practitioners.

Agile and Scrum has been kind of standard in the IT, and other industries and are very popular approaches.

Giving space to Agile techniques in PMBOK is quite encouraging and a welcome gesture.



The latest edition comes with a bundle.

With the release of PMBOK6, the Agile Practice Guide is coupled with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK Guide and is given as complimentary.

Grab a copy of the book via the link above or by clicking on the image.

The Agile Practice Guide is in fact a complimentary guide with the purchase of PMBOK6.




Summing it up, I cannot reiterate or reemphasize the importance and usage of this book.

Whether you are an experienced Project Manager.
An aspiring Project Manager.
Someone with Project Management related responsibilities.
A Student.

You will find it to be a great reference book for Project Management.

A word of caution for PMP and CaPM Certification aspirants:

The PMBOK 6th Edition Guide shall be use as a reference book for these certifications.
It shall not be use as a study guide to pass these exams.
It is not sufficient and is not design to help you pass these exams.

What are your thoughts about The PMBOK 6th Guide?


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