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Does attending PMP Boot Camp guarantee exam success?

There are many Individuals and Exam Center’s offering 99 or 100% PMP Exam success guarantee.

The claim is based on their PMP boot camps online or offline, Which normally are of four or five days.
And, almost every aspirant has to attend it before appearing on to the exam.

Now, before I dive in and review, there are certain questions that pop up in my mind, and I am sure it will be on your mind as well. e.g:

  • In four or five days, can they deliver all the PMBOK guide material word by word?
  • The hidden knowledge in this guide.
  • Can they extract the real juice from this guide?

and, what they are claiming is really a guarantee for you to pass this exam in one go, with just a few days training?

  • Do they really deliver the in’s and out’s of the PMP exam?

I agree and disagree !!!


PMP Boot Camp Training

pmp bootcamp exam preparation


The boot camps are great, where they are online or classroom based training.

I am not against it.

Also, the PMP Exam is not so difficult that you will spend months of training or a PhD degree for it in order to pass it. Though, I admit;
(Yes, it’s a bit tricky and slightly difficult from other exams).

All you need definitely is a boot camp for a few days in order to familiarize your self with it, and then of-course self study.

But, the claim as I mentioned previously of 100% passing after attending the PMP boot camp is an exaggeration.

Honestly, I don’t believe and no one can convince me of a 100% success in four or five days through their boot camps.

All such claims are baseless and marketing gimmicks.

It’s you who are going to appear in the exam.

It’s you who will come out of the exam center with either a PMP extension with your name.
or, burn the first out of three chances in a year to name yourself a PMP certified.

  • So, how can one maximize the chances of passing pmp exam on first try, through boot camp training?.
  • How can one back up the claims of these service providers of 100% exam pass guarantee though boot camp?.

Well, the answer may not be that simple, but below tips will definitely help you get the maximum out of boot camp training:


Tips before attending PMP Boot Camp Online or Classroom


1: Read PMBOK guide a couple of times:

PMBOK 6th Edition 2017You can get a copy from Amazon by either clicking on the image or the url below:

Although your first encounter with PMBOK may not be favorable.
I talk about it here: PMBOK is Tough.

But you can read this post to get maximum out of this book: Project Management Body of knowledge

You can read these Two articles about PMBOK: PMBOK is Bible and PMBOK and PMP Exam

2: Read a reputable study guide:

I mention a few guides in this post: PMP Certification Books

3: Try to get familiarize with the PMBOK guide.

4: Write down all the Jargon’s and topics that you don’t understand.

5: Get the big picture of the PMP exam.

6: Don’t go blank to attend the boot camp.

When you start reading PMBOK and study for yourself before boot camp, you won’t understand a single word and this is normal with everyone.

The point, I am making in here that you should at least familiarize yourself with PMBOK and the PMP Exam before attending the boot camp,
as, it will definitely increase your success chances and getting maximum benefit out of your boot camp training.

When you schedule to attend boot camp, you will already be equip with some knowledge and you can maximize it by noting point 4.

If you have distinct opinion or want to add your experience, Please do share in the comments below.




  1. Hi Amir,

    Thanks for these valuable tips.

    Can you please suggest any reputable study guide (point 2 from this post)?


  2. I am going to sit for my PMP in a week and a half after a week in a boot camp. I completed a certified program in 2008, but i need a refresher. So, this was very helpful. My Rita Mulcahy book may be a little outdated, but I am sure it will suffice. Thanks for the advice though.

    • Bperlady,

      Thanks for the comments and wish you all the best for your upcoming exam.

      Don’t panic, give your best shot and share your Pass result with us.

  3. Hi Amir,
    Thanks for sharing this piece of valuable information . I am planning to write PMP certification exam soon and have also started studying Rita Mulcahy . I am also planning to attend a 4 day boot camp however , this is where I am getting so confused. I am unable to decide which training institute would be good, genuine . There are few who have no boot camps before May but I have to give the exam in April. I am left with 2 major option 4pmti institute and the knowledge base academy.Do you have any idea if both of these would be a good choice ? Would really appreciate your help

    • Hey Abhishek,

      You are welcome and thanks for the comments.

      I recommend some of my friends to online Bootcamps and the response was pathetic. (I am not mentioning the name of those online PMP Bootcamp service providers, but their material, course content were just to full fill the 35 PDU’s and not providing any value)

      So, I give up and am not recommending any “Online Bootcamp” ..

      Solution-1: Try to find a classroom training in your locality.
      Solution-2: Hire me haha. Hire an individual or service provider who can give you live training.

      Hope it helps and wish you all the best.
      Please keep me posted of your progress.

  4. hey Amir,

    Thanks for the reply and solutions. However I would like to mention here that the 2 boot camp institutes I have mentioned are not for online training but 4 day onsite boot camp training.They do give a passing guarantee with some clauses .As mentioned on their site the pass percentage is above 90%.The instructor has 10-12 years of experience.So , I am not sure .
    As for the great offer of getting guidance from you, I would be excited to get the same :).. So if you have any plans to organize a boot camp in US , I would surely be amongst the first to join it :).


    • Hey Abhishek,

      The PMP Exam is more on self study and experience base and in the bootcamp you are just taught the definitions and some exam tips, tricks.

      So choose anyone and try to create a study group. Also don’t forget to read some Lesson Learned from those who attempt the exam (Pass/Fail)..

      Keep us updated..

  5. Thanks Mr. Abbas, for worthy information. I have a query if u can help me:
    I am new to PMP, just gona appear in a boot camp. but the problem is , i found a teacher having 15 years of expererience but he is not in my home town, i have to travel 24 hrs (by bus) to catch him.It will involve travel + expenses, Wots ur suggestion? can we take this initial training from anywhere? or we do need a very very expereinced guy to get it with. I have a PMI chapter on a 2 hrs drive, should i join them??



    • Hey Alee,

      Glad, it’s helpful.

      You can take the training from anyone and anywhere, no need to get it from such an experienced guy.

      Check your PMI chapter first, if it’s an active one, then it’s good to join otherwise no need for joining.

      Hope it helps !

  6. Hi Amir,

    I will be taking the PMP exam in the middle of July, just before it changes to the dreaded PMBOK 5 version :). I read the PMBOK 4th edition but only up to chapter 5 (scope management) before switching full time to Rita’s 7th edition PMP Exam Prep book. What is the best way to study for the exam when I both have Rita’s book, the PMBOK, Andy Crowej’s The PMP Exam – How to Pass on your First Try, and the HEAD FIRST book?

    I have a coworker who claimed to not have touched the PMBOK but only Rita Mulcahy’s book and he passed. He said he had a year to study, but only on weekends (few hours).

    I guess my question really is since I am studying Rita’s book full time, how can I incorporate the PMBOK guide into my studying when I don’t have much time left before my exam? By the way, I am attending PMStudy bootcamp a week before my exam. Please advise. Thanks!


    • Hello Michael,

      You made my head spinning 🙂

      hmmmm, I didn’t read Andy book unfortunately, as people claim it’s good. But, yes, I read both Rita and Heard First (Both are amazing books)
      Head First is good for beginners and have plenty of exercises etc.
      Rita is exam focused and highly recommended.

      So, I suggest you dumb PMBOK and focus on Rita and if you have time, study Head First along with it.

      Hope that answer your question. Stay in touch and keep me updated !

  7. hello Amir;

    is that true that the material will be changed after 31/07/2013? i’m planning to do the exam before that time, but what if i have some difficulty and i didn’t passed it and i have to take the exam after the 31/07/2013. do i have to read the new eddition for PMP book in order for me pass the the 2nd test?


    • Hello Gaz,

      How on earth you assume you gonna fail ???
      what are we for, we gonna help you pass on first try..

      Yes, the exam will change in July 2013 and will be based on PMBOK5.
      If you have the concepts right for PMP Exam, then you don’t need to review the new book.

      But if you planning to write exam after July, it’s recommended to use the latest material and book.

      Keep me updated !!

  8. Hey Amir,
    I am a very happy person in this subject, ‘coz I successfully failed two attempts to PMP exam..!
    If I have passed, I afraid, I would have lost the tempt for continuously reading habit of ‘Rita’ and PMBOK 5…..!! such great books, really….. Now am expert in ‘earned value’….. paretto
    to, scatter, Risk Averse, etc,..etc… and still studying more. My third attempt will be in the month of this August (2014). It is really a happy experience. By the way am a graduate from engineer Kerala, currently working with the “World’s Biggest Refinery Project’…

    (there is not much differences between PMBOK 5 and 4. PMBOK 5 is added with a new chapter “Stakeholder management”; which is more elaborated.

    Cheers all…..! Have a nice life Cycle……!!!

    • Hey SF,
      Sorry to hear about your failure and wish you all the best for your upcoming exam. We wish you pass this time and seems you will.

      Please keep us posted and I would also appreciate if you could share your score in both attempt..

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