PMP Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned are one of the most important and emphasized term used in Project Management (although not restricted to it).

As the title suggest; This post is about my Lessons Learned from the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam Certification, that I write in 2010.

This post is a combination of all the lessons that I learnt before, during, and after the PMP Exam.

I would like you to note it down before appearing on the PMP exam.


Lessons Learned From PMP Exam

PMP Lessons Learned


  • Memorize and Know all Formula’s and its implication’s (Earned Value Etc).
  • Know to Calculate Critical Path, Float, Forward / Backward Pass and Duration.
  • Memorize and Know the Definition / Functionality / Implication of all Kinds of Charts (Flow Etc), Diagram’s (Pareto Etc).
  • Memorize and Know all the Theories (Maslow’s Etc).
  • Project Manager’s role, responsibilities and authority in different level of Organization’s (Matrix Etc).
  • Project Manager’s Role in Change requests, Conflicts, Team building, Project Initiation and Closure.
  • Project Manager’s Communication with Teams, Stakeholders especially with diverse cultures and distant locations.
  • Different Organization structure (Matrix Etc).
  • All Terms / Definitions of Every Topic and its implication or Usage.
  • Estimating (Analogous Etc)
  • Difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  • Difference between Project Closure and Administrative Closure and Project Manager’s role in it.
  • Charter and Scope.
  • Procurement’s (contract Types Etc).
  • Project Selection, Which project to select (EMV, NPV etc).
  • Reports and Reporting (Progress, Trend Etc).



I take no responsibility or claim any guarantee that my PMP Lessons Learned will help you pass pmp exam.
Consider it a guidelines from some one who has been there, done that and now sharing his experience with all new PMP aspirants.

Some professionals consider PMBOK as a necessity for the PMP Exam, while other’s have distinct opinion.

Please have a look at my review on the PMBOK Guide and Whether PMBOK is Indispensable for PMP Exam.

Those were my Lessons Learned that I recall after attending and passing the exam.

Over to you;

What are your PMP Lessons Learned?

Please post it in the comment box below or in Forum .



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