There has always been a debate on:

What are the most important interpersonal skills of a Project Manager?

I have observed PMP aspirants are most curious to know.

May be because this is a potential question and most of the questionnaire bank have included it in their package as well.

The project manager is the orchestra conductor.

He is the soul of the project and is responsible for the failure and success of the project.

The project manager normally uses all tools from his toolbox in order to make the project a success.

Besides, all hard core technical skills (If he/s has any), which may not be a requirement in the project,
has to have all the required necessary soft skills.

So, when we talk of soft skills, the PMBOK4 guide has placed Section G page 417 referring to almost all project manager skills.

Like: Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Communication, Influencing, Decision making, Political and Cultural Awareness and Negotiation.

Although, a project manager might not have all these skills but they are considered good.

But, one key interpersonal skills for a project manager is considered vital among all project management skills.


What makes one skill stand out as most important besides other Skills of a Project Managerskills of a project manager:

According to Dr. Kerzner: 90% of Project Manager time is spend in communicating: In his book: Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling , which can be used for PMP Exam Preparation as well.


PMIĀ® conducted a survey , and the result was the most important skill a project manger must have is Communication.

The biggest example is the PMBOK guide itself.

The guide has placed all the above soft skills mentioned in an appendix,
while a whole knowledge area is dedicated in the form of Project Communication Management Chapter.


Communication is the most important skill for a Project Manager.

What are your thoughts ?

  • What other skills you think are most important for a successful project manager.
  • Why a project manager must have it?



  1. these soft skill are very important in every espect of life not only in the project management and prefessional life. simply these can be used every where!

  2. Exactly. But for Project Management and PMP exam point of view, remember when asked for as the most important soft skills. Your answer should be “Communication”.

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